AirProce Medical Level Air Purifier

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June 23, 2022
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February 2, 2023

AirProce Medical Level Air Purifier


AirProce Air Purifier

AirProce Air Purifier configured with European Unit standards EN1822 medical level H13 HEPA Filter which attains a 99.95% of PM0.1 filtering efficiency with the sealed design. The air purifier can be controlled by a mobile app to monitor the interior air quality anytime anywhere.



Product Features

Multiple Filtering Technology
The filter uses high quality activated carbon and the H13 medical level HEPA Filter to effectively remove particles, moulds, allergen, germ and viruses. Also, it can filter more than 99.97% of particles with less than 0.003 μm in diameter.
100% Seal Structure Design
The high-strength shell is sealed tight with the inside in order to filter hazardous substances and prevent secondary pollution.
Super Silent Design
Compared to the same kind of products, the AirProce air purifier is more silent which causes less disturbance to others.
Mobile Smart App Centralized Management System
By using the mobile Smart App, it can control the operation of up to 50 AirProce devices.
Instant Air Quality Monitoring
The intelligent sensor in the air purifier can monitor the instant interior air quality so parents can know more about the air quality of the classroom from the online platform.


Provides AI300、AI600、AI730 models to satisfy different requirements

AI300 It can filter more than 99.97% of hazardous substances and appliable to classrooms or commonplaces.
AI600 It can filter more than 99.9% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde and tear-gas grenade odour. It is applicable to the art rooms and laboratory to eliminate the volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the oil paint and experiments.
AI730 It provides an all-rounded high efficient filtering effect with higher ventilation frequency which can prevent cross-infection. It is applicable to health care rooms.