Automatic Food Delivery System (Bullet Train)

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October 26, 2021
Automatic Food Delivery System – Food Delivery Robot
January 3, 2022

Automatic Food Delivery System (Bullet Train)

Meals can be delivered to the destination quickly and precisely by using the automatic food delivery system which reduces human resources costs, increases the table turnover rate and help the company to gain more profit. The Bullet Train Food Delivery System is applicable in different types of restaurants such as Japanese food, hotpot, barbeque and so forth. The Bullet Train Delivery System makes the food delivery process become interesting and efficient so as to enhance customers dining satisfaction.


  • Applicable to various types of restaurants such as sushi, dim sum, all-you-can-eat and so on
  • Stable delivery process. No spilt out of soup or liquid when delivering on the belt
  • Diverse food delivery system combination. There are bullet train delivery system, express food delivery lane, single deck chain sushi conveyor, flat car delivery system to choose from in order to set up a single layer, double layer, triple layer food delivery system
  • Match with restaurant interior design and provide different food delivery modes
  • More than 30 restaurants adopt the bullet train delivery system
  • Meals are delivered directly from the kitchen to customers. The automatic process ensures food hygiene and eliminates potential accidents caused by human
  • The tablet ordering system and QR Code ordering system helps the restaurant to reduce manpower costs
  • The bullet train delivery system is interesting and attractive which becomes the gimmick of the restaurants and help to retain customers

Bullet Train Delivery System

Combined latest Wi-Fi, infrared and Wireless Battery Charge technology, intelligent delivery train detects plates and active battery charge automatically. Besides several standard train models, train design, colour, and logo position can also be customized.

Straight Line Express Train

Straight track design provides highest delivery efficiency. Express train gives customers visual sensation along with interesting interactions during food delivery and upgraded dining experiences to the next level.

Turnable Express Train

To adapt various space availability, the design of turnable express train can be customized according to customer’s desire and interior style with multiple turns.

Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt

“Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt” can be applied in varies ways, without the space retrains from the delivery tray, the delivery lane handles multiple products at the same time. “Express Delivery Lane” delivers products to the pre-setup tables. It’s very fast and convenience.

Express Food Delivery Lane

Straight track design, the meals are delivered in a straight line, and the meals are delivered more quickly and smoothly. Guests can enjoy more honorable and fast service, making the delivery of meals not only more efficient but also fun.

Automatic Tray Serving Delivery Lane

Unique design that pushes tray out of delivery lane, directly towards customer table. Customers do not have to take the meals out from delivery lane.

Tablet Ordering System, Connect to POS and kitchen system

Diversified Materials

Style Selection

We offer 3 standard train design. Colour is selectable. If you need different styles or need to design your own, you can provide design drawings or discuss the shape with our designer and adjust the shape to meet your needs. The colour and trademark configuration are also adjustable to meet your customized needs.

Bullet Train

The most popular styling delivery train.

Racing Car

Experience the thrill of the food delivery car.


It carries various meals, drinks, soups and food. Liquid does not spill during turning.

Flat Car

Suitable for set menus and large meals restaurant. Main dish, soup, refreshments, desserts served once.

Case Study

A Hong Kong chain restaurant opens the thirteenth Japanese restaurant in Mongkok. The client wants to emphasize the guppy and “Express Delivery” as the characteristics of the restaurant. In order to match with the client’s needs, we tailor-made flat cars with a guppy outlook and installed two conveyor belts in the restaurant. When customers order food via QR Code Ordering System, the chef will place the food on the guppy flat car and deliver it to the customer’s table. Besides, there is a self-service hot water system installed with the food delivery system. Customers can make tea on their own with hot water so as to reduce manpower and save costs.