Automatic Food Delivery System – Food Delivery Robot

Automatic Food Delivery System (Bullet Train)
January 3, 2022
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January 4, 2022

Automatic Food Delivery System – Food Delivery Robot


Why do we choose automatic food delivery equipment?

Catering industry is facing numerous challenges

  • Ageing population leads to a decrease in the labour force
  • Manpower costs and operating costs increase year by year
  • The high turnover rate of employees, difficult to train up staff
  • Under the severe pandemic, customers are concerned about the risk of dineing out


Why do we choose the food delivery robot?

The most advanced AI smart food delivery system in the world!

  • World smallest food delivery robot – high efficiency of meal delivery
  • No accidental spillage caused by humans – safety and smooth route
  • Robots automatically return to the kitchen after delivered the meal
  • Simple and quick installation of AI smart navigation

Food Delivery Robot VS General Delivery Robot

Food Delivery Robot

👍Automatic Food Delivery System has been adopted for a long period of time, people get used to its usage
👍Food is delivered directly, customers do not need to leave their seats to pick up food, automatic delivery saves manpower
👍Dedicated track delivery, smooth, safe and high stability
👍Multiple robots operating at the same time, improve the efficiency of food delivery and high table turning rate
👍With the seat hot water supply system, self-service water refilling, staff saving
👍Anti-collision system and buffering function, suitable for liquid transport, without spilling
👍Professional team to follow up the whole process, perfect after-sales service
👍Cater for interior design and theme, enhance topicality and gimmick, attract more customers

General Delivery Robot

✖ General Delivery Robot still not common in HOng Kong, customers need time to learn how to use it
✖ General Delivery Robot serves only as a supplementary, staff still need to serve the food to customers when food is transported to the table, not independent operation.
✖ Robots, employees and customers walking in the same narrow corridor, easy to collide and delay the delivery time due to obstacle avoidance
✖ High requirements for the field, uneven corridors, slopes or debris, will affect the operation
✖ Mass production, more difficult to match the different themes of the restaurant decoration


Increase the delivery efficiency and service quality effectively! Able to reduce the manpower costs and thus gain more profit!

Tailor-made Design

Applicable to various kinds of turning angles and different types of restaurant decoration.

Epidemic prevention upgrade

Automatic protective cover isolates air pollution, droplets and other infections effectively.

Intelligent operation

Smart navigation systems shorten the delivery time, improve service quality and efficiency.

High-performance Battery

Run continuously for 12 hours without interruption under full load.

Efficient distribution

Support U turn lane and fork road design and multi-robot delivering system to improve efficiency.

Fast Replacement

Replace robot with a spare one directly to resume operation rapidly.

Anti-collision System

Smart driving monitoring systems keep a safe distance and prevent collisions.

Exclusive Patents

Research and develop innovative technology to ensure uniqueness with multi-national patents.

Flexible workstation setups smoothen and unhindered the delivery route among different areas

Tailor-made, high delivering efficiency, AI smart navigation

  1. U Turn Lane: Shorten delivery path, food delivery robot rotates to opposite lane for the food delivery
  2. Fork Road: Support fork and intersection, program shortest food delivery path
  3. Turning Angle: More flexible delivery route, ameliorate traditional one-way straight lane delivery weak point

Optional Functions

Automatic Protective Cover, Sound & Light Reminder

Software & hardware integration system, One-touch Delivery

  • Linked with ordering system
  • Order shows on KDS immediately. Food delivery robot deliver order via one-click
  • Simplify the traditional food delivery process

Suitable for all types of restaurants

Sushi, Steak, Yakiniku, Hotpot, Noodles and so on

Suitable for all types of restaurants


C2 Classic Model:

Fundamental models, small but complete in every detail

  • Applicable to single operating routes
  • Adaptable to different turning angles with no limitation of number and length
  • Unbounded by the limitation of restaurant interior design or layouts
  • Able to install on the current sushi conveyor directly and perfectly match the lower layer sushi conveyor
C2 Classic Model

Standard Model Specification

C2 Classic Model_Standard Model Specification
Outside Dimension 413.5*117.5*236.5mm
Internal Dimension 334*163.5*131mm
Maximum Load 2KG
Maximum Speed 45.6m/min
Maximum Charging Time Fully Charged in 3 hours
Battery Life Run Continuously for 12 hours

P2 Professional Model

Grand upgraded model – The newest technological trend in the catering industry

  • Applicable to multi-operating route
  • Support U turn lane and fork road
  • AI smart navigation arranges the shortest route automatically
  • Integrates with multi workstations effectively to set up a smoother route
  • Adaptable to different turning angles with no limitation of number and length and unbounded by the limitation of restaurant interior design or layouts
  • Able to install on the current sushi conveyor directly and perfectly match the lower layer sushi conveyor

Standard, Plus Model Specification

  • There have Standard model robots and Plus model robots according to the size difference
  • There are different models according to the meal types and plate size
Standard Dimension
Outside Dimension: 413.5×177.5×236.5mm
Internal Dimension:334×163.5×131mm
Plus Dimension
Outside Dimension: 520×319.5×305.2mm
Internal Dimension: 382.4×319.5×205.8mm
Maximum Load 4KG
Maximum Speed 45.6m/min
Battery Charging Time Fully Charged in 3 hours
Battery Life Run Continuously for 10 hours

C2 vs. P2

How to choose between the classic and professional models?

  • P2 model configures several types of workstations and integrates with them effectively
  • C2 model has a single workstation configuration
  • P2 model supports U turn lane and fork road, thus is suitable to apply AI smart navigation to arrange the shortest route
  • AI P2 model provides larger size robots to choose
  • P2 model has a larger load
  • C2 model has a long duration which is able to run continuously for 12 hours
  P2 Food Delivery Robot C2 Food Delivery Robot
Multiple Robots Deliver Simultaneously
Workstation Configuration Multi-workstation Configuration Single Workstation Configuration
AI Smart Navigation Arrange the shortest route
U Turn Lane
Fork Road
Turning Angle
Sound & Light Reminder
Automatic Protective Cover
Robot Model Standard PLUS Standard
Maximum Load 4KG 4KG 2KG
Battery Life 10H 10H 12H

Diversify Solutions

Customize the most suitable solutions for customers

Simple Installation

Provide the on-the-ground model and on-the-table model to fit different needs

  • On-the-ground Model: Combine and fix the conveyor belt (included framework) with sequence and then put the food delivery robots on top of the conveyor belt
  • On-the-table Model: Stick the combined conveyor belt (excluding framework) with the clients’ table and then put the food delivery robots on top of the conveyor belt
  • Food delivery robots can be purchased in advance
  • The conveyor belt cannot be purchased in advance as it needs to pass the testing before delivering

Successful Cases

Alien thematic Yakiniku shop

Train thematic Yakiniku shop