Conveyor Belt

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January 3, 2022
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March 31, 2022

Conveyor Belt

Chain Conveyor Belt

By connecting each crescent chain to form a complete set of a conveyor, the chain conveyor belt is commonly found in the sushi restaurant. Apart from catering, the chain conveyor can be also applied to different scenarios, such as product presentation, transportation and industrial use.

Single-Deck Chain Conveyor

Commonly found in Sushi Restaurant.

Double-Decker Chain Conveyor

The double-decker design enable conveyor to deliver more food to tables, thus increasing efficiency

Double-Decker Chain Conveyor
(Hot and Cold)

The upper deck is equipped with a heating system to keep food at constant temperature, the lower deck is equipped with a freezer to keep raw food fresh

Magnetic Conveyor Belt

Unlike the chain conveyor, the magnetic induction system is invisible and placed under the table surface, which can keep the surface of table smooth, beautiful and easy for cleaning.


Ideal for restaurants, business display and industrial application

  1. Restaurant: Abundance of foods display on the conveyor belt for dinners to choose their top picks.
  2. Business Display: Products display on the conveyor belt, provide an eye-catching and dynamic presentation, thus triggering customers’ attention.
  3. Industries: Reduce manual handling, speed up workers’ assembly work and selection process, thus enhancing production capacity.

Additional options

Plate Washing Machine

Clean, sanitize and dry the sushi dishes effectively

Belt Basket Delivery System

Deliver used tableware to kitchen

Belt Transfer System

Shorten the food delivery distance during non-peak hour

Hot Water Supply System

Provide constant temperature warm water for customers to brew tea.  

Freshness System

Monitor time on each plate on the conveyor and remove the expired plates from the conveyor belt.

Dynamic Conveyor

Chain Display Conveyor
Disc Display Conveyor
Magnetic Display Conveyor
Industrial Conveyor
Conveyor Belt for Dining Table

Diversified Materials