Intelligent Disinfection Robot

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January 4, 2022
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June 7, 2022


– Use ultra dry mist of disinfectant, Ultra-dry atomized disinfectant, 360° all-round disinfection, good dispersibility, full coverage.


– Map construction, real-time precise positioning, autonomous navigation, autonomous route planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance.

-Automated disinfection, fixed time management, Management backend to facilitate coordination and scheduling.


– Separation of man and machine to reduce personnel contact and effectively reduce the risk of infection.

– Use Ultra-dry mist disinfection method, leaving no residue after disinfection, safe and clean.

Autonomous movement | Dynamic disinfection and sterilization

  • Used in large-area outdoor environment for disinfection and sterilization, automatic spraying of disinfectant.
  • Can provide up to 6 hours of continuous working endurance. When the robot is in a state of power loss, it can automatically return to  charge.
  • Supports fast charging and can be fully charged in 3 hours to meet the demand with maximum efficiency.

Ultra dry mist spray disinfection | Used in large-area outdoor environment for disinfection

  • Spray particle size is smaller than <8 μm. The particles are small and diffuse, ensuring that the disinfectant is complete contact with microorganisms in the air to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.
  • 18 L Disinfectant capacity. Large capacity, meeting the needs of large area disinfection, no need to add disinfectant frequently.

Mobile APP Precise remote control | Non-contact | Management, reduce cross-infection

  • Cloud management, online real-time management and monitoring.
  • The disinfection log is automatically generated and the data is transmitted in real time.
  • Easily plan the route on the mobile phone and kill it at fixed points.
  • Early warning of equipment abnormality, and timely feedback of task reports.

3D intelligent obstacle avoidance | Autonomous navigation

  • The self-developed robot motion chassis can carry out mobile multi-point disinfection for the set space, multi-sensor fusion such as laser, ultrasonic and inertial navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous route planning, high stability, safety and reliability.
  • The robot can recognize the human body and automatically stop spraying to prevent the disinfectant from being sprayed on the human skin. Automatically spray again in an unmanned environment.



Add disinfectant to the robot


Set the disinfection time and location through the apps;
Set the disinfection gear according to the disinfection requirements.


The robot automatically plans a route to reach the target location.


The robot automatically sprays the disinfectant according to the set route.


After the task is completed, the robot automatically returns to the charging station to charge.



Weight 52kg
Disinfectant Capacity18L
Battery Capacity28.8Ah
Battery Life4 – 6 hours
Running Speed0 – 0.8m/s Variable speed
Operating Voltage24V
Maximum Amount of Fog2200ml/h
Atomization3 stages(adjustable)
Maximum Climbing Angle<5°
Operating SystemAndroid
Autonomous Obstacle AvoidanceAble
Mobile Disinfection Able
Take the Elevator AutonomouslyAble
Disinfection RouteCustomize

Ideal for

Airport, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Bank, Office, School, Museum