Innovative Retail Cash Management Solution

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February 25, 2021
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October 26, 2021

Innovative Retail Cash Management Solution

Innovative Retail Cash Management Solution

O2O from offline to online

To traditional store management, handling daily cash income is a great challenge. This total solution helps in-store cash management automation , accelerates cash flows and makes deposits instantly to the bank.

Solution Workflow

Smart Safe

Staff deposit daily cash income into smartsafe .Record will be automatically uploaded to cash mgt. platform

Cash Mgt. Platform

Mgt. staff are available to monitor & mgt. cash flow for all branches

Provisional Credit Services

The financial institution provides provisional credit and deposits to customer-designated bank accounts

Armored Courier Services

Cash is collected from smartsafe to financial institution


Solution Highlights

1. Cash Processing Automation



Simplify the complex cash handling procedure, staffs are not necessary for cash handover to the supervisor


5. Remote Cash Management

Support any mobile electronic devices, allowing retailers to manage in-store cash flow at any time and anywhere.

2. Improving Cash Management Efficiency


Avoid cash discrepancies & currency validation caused by manual count



6. Real-time Cash Handling Service

Accelerate deposit process, making an instant deposit to the customer-designated bank account

3. Security Safeguards

Conductive to protect staff and in-store cash safety


7. Cost Reduction


Minimize the number of trips of cash collections & well manage the route planning of armored courier services

4. Real-Time Cash Management and Monitor


All deposit data are recorded to the Mgt. Platform in real time with different statistical reports & data export functions provided


  • The ultimate terms are subject to the relevant financial institution


Full function, plug-and-play, no additional training and complex system integration. It helps you handle cash income in a fast and simple way.

5 Steps for Cash Deposit

5 Steps for Cash Deposit in Innovative Retail Cash Management Solution

Basic Functions

  • Multi-currency, multi-language
  • Mixed denomination, multiple bundles of currencies in one transaction
    ($10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000)
  • Deposit / counting by batch or value
  • Escrow, banknotes are held in escrow for confirmation before making deposit
  • Envelope deposit (for coins, bank cheques or others non-countable items)
  • Counterfeit detection (UV, IR, MG image, dual CIS)
  • Banknotes processing speed at 800-1200 notes per minutes
  • Capacity (approx.):
    EASC-3000 (small size): 3,200 notes EASC-8000 (middle size): 8,000 notes





  • Steel 8mm safe
  • Electronic keypad lock
  • High-security auto sealed cash bag
  • 7” touch screen
  • Thermal printer
  • 2D scanner
  • 4G SIM card module

40W × 500D × 710H

340W × 500D × 1000H