Mini Disinfection Robot

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July 29, 2022
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October 16, 2023

Mini Disinfection Robot

Precise and efficient disinfection

– Full coverage at 360°, covering 1000㎡ of disinfection area in only 15 minutes reaching a 99.99% sterilizing rate

Intelligent Control

– Automatic returning to the charging pile when in low volume and power, IOT control module, automatically ride elevator

Multiple operation modes, simple and convenient

– Real-time video monitoring, remote position monitoring

– Statistical analysis of disinfection tasks, detailed disinfection record

– AI voice assistant, smart light reminder


This product has a complete ecosystem, inclusing robot, App and cloud management platform, which can be applied to hospital, airport, MTR station, school, shopping mall, hotel and other scenarios, undergo unmanned disinfection regularly and reduce labor costs

Operated remotely, Reduce the risk of infection

  • Use mini program to assign tasks, edit maps, can visualize task statistics (detailed disinfection log).
  • Allocate user rights and manage the business with Operational data analysis
  • Cloud Platform: Real-time status monitoring; Real-time fault alarm and remote processing

Remote Map Building Platform

  • Supports quick map building on mobile phone/computer and can connect the robot remotely across regions, display the robot surrounding environment in real-time through the camera, and assist to build navigation map remotely, which saves time and enhances efficiency

Fully Automatic Operation, Cross Floor Disinfection

  • Intelligent perception, decision-making and control; Sensors and navigation help detect obstacles with a certain height in 360 degrees
  • The robot can ride the elevator, pass the gate and automatic door by itself (IOT lift control module is required)
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance; Automatic returning to the charging pile when in low volume and power; 7*24h service can be achieved with the charging pile
  • Accurate speed control, quick and stable movement

No sanitation blind spot, Efficient Disinfection

  • Support different scenarios and disinfection requirements; Support different kinds of disinfectants
  • The samllest diameter of the atomized particle is 3-5μm, with 16L large capacity, 3000ml/h spraying capacity, reaching a 99.99% sterilizing rate

Stable Operation, Noiseless, Suitable for different materials


Product Features


Size 420*420*770 mm
Weight 25kg
Disinfectant Capacity 13L
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Battery Life 2 – 4 hours
Running Speed 0.3 – 1.2m/s Variable speed
Operating Voltage 24V
Maximum Amount of Fog 3000ml/h (adjustable)
Disinfection efficiency ≥1000㎡/15min
Maximum Climbing Angle
Noise ≤50dB
Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Able
Mobile Disinfection Able
Take the Elevator Autonomously Able
Disinfection Route Customize