Paging System (Table Position System)

Calling System
August 23, 2019
POS System(F&B)
August 28, 2019

Paging System (Table Position System)



After the customer has paid for the order at counter, cashier input the number on the table position system (TPS) into the POS System, then TPS is bundled with the order, cashier then give the TPS to the customers. When customer take the seat and put the TPS on the top of the label that stick in the table (label stick in the table in advance and bundled with the table number). The order will be shown on the floor plan on the screen for TPS. Through the screen, waiter locate customer table, deliver the meal and retrieve the TPS, the order will then disappear from the screen.



  • Help waiters deliver meal fast and accurate



  • Facilitate restaurant operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer satisfaction