Event Video Recording and Livestreaming Services

Promotional Video Filming Service
June 7, 2022
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June 20, 2022

EASC provides video recording and livestreaming services for various school events, such as graduation ceremony. Guests, parents and students can participate the graduation ceremony together through live steaming without social distancing measures restriction. Even if the participants are not in Hong Kong, they can still watch the graduation ceremony and share the joy of graduation. The video recordings are output in high-definition videos for sharing in social media platform and memorial purpose.

Service Description

Livestreaming Service

  • Set up and prepare one day in advance
  • Record and live broadcast the whole event on the event day
  • Live Streaming Platform x 1 (Facebook / YouTube / Zoom, etc)
  • HD video H.264 mp4 output
  • Including installation, transportation and demolition


  • Videographers x 2
  • Director x 1

Professional directing system

  • Monitor x 1
  • Video switcher x 1
  • HD video recorder x 1
  • Live broadcaster x 1
  • Professional camera + tripod x 2

*School should provide Wi-Fi