RFID E-Shelf Solution

Queuing System
August 28, 2019
August 28, 2019


When the RFID tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RFID signal from the reader, and sends the product information stored in the chip by the energy obtained by the induced current, or actively transmits the signal of a certain frequency. The reader reads the information and decodes it, and sends it to the central information system for data processing. We will combine it with our E-shelf to make customers have the best shopping experience. Whenever they remove the products from the RFID sensing area, the RFID detector can detect it and show related information on the touch kiosk, customer complete payment and chose self-pick up or deliver to designed address. Also, our E-shelf equips facial recognition, which can recognize VIP customers.


  • Can apply to different martials and size
  • Update products information by Cloud
  • Provide customized information for different customers


  • Enhance customer shopping experience
  • Reduce manpower