Automated Express Food Delivery System

August 28, 2019
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August 28, 2019


Automated express food delivery system – deliver orders, merchandises and other objects to designated locations or tables fast and accurately, thus decrease personnel cost and increase profit. This automated express food delivery system can be applied in any sorts of restaurants, such as Japanese cuisine, hot pot, BBQ, and so on. By adopting the automated express food delivery system, waiters don’t have to run around the outfield to serve meals. Meal delivering become more convenient, fast and interesting! Customers can enjoy honour and fast service. There are four different types of automated express food delivery system:

1. Straight Line Mode: Each bullet train is specialty, including Shinkansen, High Speed Rail, Mini Cooper, Van…etc., This express bullet train can also be customized according to restaurants surroundings, interior design, brand image, or any specific desires. Using express bullet train can provide customers with visual sensations along with interesting interactions during food delivering and upgrade the dining experiences to the next level.

2.Turning Mode: To adapt various space availability, we also offer turntable express trains. We can provide special designs based on different floor plans, and the turning express train can be customized according to customer’ desire or interior style, too.

3. Direct Delivery Mode: We offer express food delivery lane system, using motor to power the food conveyor belt and deliver meals or objects to the designated tables. The objects can be in various shapes, and the delivery is steady and fast!

4. Table Delivery Mode: the food will be delivered to the table beside the customers, then the food will be lifted directly to the customers table, they don’t have to take it by themselves.


  • Suitable for different types of restaurants, e.g., sushi restaurant, Chinese restaurant , all you can eat restaurant and so on.
  • Smooth and steady delivery, no need to worry about plates spilled during meals delivery
  • Provide different delivery modes to suit restaurants interior design


  • Offer precise and fast delivery, thus increase table turnover rate.
  • Decrease personnel cost by 50%.
  • Avoid any accidents from manual delivery.
  • Trendy, interesting and eye-catching, thus attract customers
  • Gain publicity and create buzz marketing.