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Founded in 2011, Expert Alliance Systems and Consultancy (Hong Kong) Limited (EASC) is a leading solution provider and the general agent of BenQ products in Hong Kong and Marco region. With offices in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, EASC serves a wide range of clients in the hospitality, retail, catering and many other industries.

Partnered with industry expertise, EASC provides professional consultancy services, deliverable one step IT solutions and highly qualified technical support through our in-depth knowledge and broad experience, thus facilitate corporate operation flow and boost revenue.

In 2019, Qisda (TSE: 2352) invested in EASC. With the support of Qisda (TSE: 2352) and its hundreds of subsidiaries, EASC can provide a diverse range of products and solutions for different customers and further expand business to Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries.

About Qisda


General Manager Speech

Found in 2011, Expert Alliance Systems and Consultancy (Hong Kong) Limited (EASC) excel in AV solutions and smart hotel solutions. EASC as the general agent of BenQ products in Hong Kong and Macau Region, Qisda Corporation (TSE: 2352) and EASC has worked closely for many years and Qisda has seen the potential of EASC and is pleased to invest EASC in 2019.

Our mission is to provide professional solutions, services and products to customers and provide trust to all parties. We understand that nowadays companies from different industries are facing various challenges, form the global competition to the increasing operation costs, we point at clients’ pain points, provide integrated and deliverable solutions, helping our clients to adopt rapidly changing business environment and create value to them.

Looking ahead, with the rich resources and supports form Qisda, we will expand our teams and seek development opportunities. Apart from our core business in AV and smart hotel aspect, a series of smart solutions and products will be introduced, i.e. passer counting system, RFID virtual shelves, self-ordering kiosk and so on. Moreover, Business scope will be expanded to Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries.

General Manager: Claire Tien

Our Milestone, Our History

Alliance Experts! Alliance Solutions! Solutions that Empower Business!
  • 2019 Signage Project for SunCity Group

    Participated in signage project for the HOIANA Resort of SunCity Group Holdings Limited in Vietnam
  • 2018 Kiosk & Paging System

    Participated in self-ordering kiosk and paging system project for the world largest fast food chain in Hong Kong and Macau region
    Awarded signages and atm service projects for over 80% banks in Macau, clients include ICBC(Macau), Tai Fung Bank and HSBC Macau
  • 2017 Self-Service Kiosk

    Awarded LED wall projects for Broadway Macau, City University of Macau and Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal
    Participated in self-service kiosk project for the largest convenience stores chains group in Hong Kong
  • 2016 TV projects for Macau Hotels

    Awarded TV projects for various hotels in Macau, which include The 13 Hotel, Macau MGM Palace, The Macau Roosevelt Hotel and Galaxy Macau.
  • 2015 TV Project City of Dreams Group

    Developed the first Zetariz signage system with Raspberry PI
    Awarded TV project for the hotels of The City of Dreams Group
  • 2014 Became BenQ Partner

    Became BenQ commercial display and projector partner
  • 2011 Start!

    Expert Alliance System and Consultancy (HK) CO. LTD. was founded