Provide solutions such as large touch interactive displays to create a fun, interactive and healthy learning environment for students.

Interactive Flat Panel Solution

Built-in writing electronic whiteboard software Ewrite 5.0, supports cloud whiteboard, has broadcast function and supports 30 devices for simultaneous collaboration

Projector Solution

BenQ projectors use DLP projection technology and total internal reflection optical structure to provide very high resolution and high contrast, and the image color is more vivid and the details are more refined.

Self-Service Book Sterilizer / Book Sterilizing Cabinet

It only takes 30 seconds to sterilize books. The book sterilizer is equipped with 10 sets of ultraviolet lamps, which open the inner pages of the book with airflow

Toy Disinfection Cabinet

Toy disinfection cabinet adopts ultraviolet UV-C sterilization method to carry out comprehensive disinfection and sterilization of toys

Smart Thermal Detector

Combined with thermal, infrared and artificial intelligence, the Smart Thermal Detector can detect body temperature accurately in 2 second.

Disinfection Service

Adopt British medical-grade disinfection formulation and photocatalyst coating imported from Japan

Promotional Video Filming Service

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One-stop professional video shooting service for schools.

Event Recording and Live Streaming Services

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Provide video recording and live streaming services for different school events such as graduation ceremonies.

Thermal Camera

Individuals with elevated temperature can be identified and screened out for further examination, thus reduce the spread of viruses and infections.

K104R Sterilizable Keyboard and Mouse

IP68 fully sealed keyboard and mouse, can be cleaned with detergents directly

AirProce Medical Level Air Purifier

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Equipped with a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, which can effectively filter PM0.1 up to 99.95%.