Hotel LED Video Wall Solution

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October 28, 2019
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May 14, 2020




With industry-leading fully automated production equipment, quality management system and year of experience, EASC provides one step indoor and outdoor LED Video Wall Solution, which include consultancy services, on-site installations and after sales services.



  • Adopting nanosecond display technology, to cut LED display frame switching time to be extremely short, to eliminate the tail, ghosting of fast dynamic picture during the LCD, DLP processing
  • Both high and low bright have high gray-scale expressive force, to solve the industry brightness adjustment loss of gray technical problems
  • No dead angel of view, no color difference, no distortion, perfect picture quality, wide angle display
  • It can be seen at any angle, no need to worry about unclear picture cause of reflection.
  • Brightness: 100-800cd /m2, auto adjust the brightness according to environment
  • Adopt high precision self-design panel, it can be seamless splicing by any size and any direction, eliminate visual seams completely, more completed picture quality, good at figure and picture fine display

0.5mm – 1mm with seam
  • High-precision processing technology to support the module fine-tuning, to ensure zero stitching error, flat screen body without convex, the screen no bright and dark lines.


Unique Selling Points

  • 100,000 hours for life, 67% longer than traditional products
  • Ensure same color and brightness in case of replaced some new unit



  • Fanless design and noise free, energy saving and environment friendly
  • Low Maintenance & High Durability: LED Video Wall require low maintenance and are highly resistant to damage. In contrast, traditional vinyl billboards are easily damageable and the light fixtures require constant upkeep
  • Bright and dynamic LED Video wall can display specific content at designated times, attract passersby, thus deliver unique information to specific audiences, which is perfect for effective brand marketing